Yandex Domain API (api v2) and free DDNS client written in Python.

Hi guys,
I would like to share with those of you who are using yandex domain services- free ddns client which can easily find your external ip and update your “A” record.
This client required requests module to be installed and python3. This is command line app, so you need to provide some input such as domain and record you want to add, token one of the parameter which is used as authentication (you have to get it from yandex).
Client behavior is simple, it will check if record exist with same ip that you have had then this app exits and writes output to the console, if ip has been changed client updates record, in case record doesn’t exist client creates it.
Lets save some money and won’t buy static ip from our lovely internet providers:)

Example output:

You can enhance this script with assertions or any other features.
Download client from here.
Have fun:)