CentOS. How to upgrade MySQL with yum.

I found a lot of links about how to upgrade MySQL to latest version with many manual operations.
Here is how to update with yum, might be helpful for someone:

Install MySQL repository, you can download it from here.

I will use wget to install it:
wget https://repo.mysql.com//mysql57-community-release-el6-11.noarch.rpm

Then just install this repository:

yum install mysql57-community-release-el6-11.noarch.rpm

And run:
yum update mysql

Now you probably cannot run MySQL daemon because you need to update tables first, to run update you need to start daemon manually with additional options:

[root@web01 ~]# /etc/init.d/mysqld start --skip-grant-tables
[root@web01 ~]# mysql_upgrade
[root@web01 ~]# service mysqld restart

BTW do you know that’s all admins divides in to two commands: who do backups and who doesn’t :)?

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